Detachable vehicle interface

afneembare auto interface

Detachable vehicle interface

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Product Code:ALLD.OP.001.MX



Product Description

The car interface can be removed in 5 minutes so that the floor of the vehicle can be used for other applications.

For this you need rails and 6 knobs. The rails are mounted in the floor of the vehicle. They are 1.5 m long. For the Dynnox L46, these can be shortened to 1.2 m.

The mounting of this rail is very important for safety. This must be mounted by an expert in the field of commercial vehicle installation. Due to the enormous variety of commercial vehicles, we cannot provide a universal installation manual for this.

If your commercial vehicle installer wants to deliver this rail, he must apply the European dimensions.

The 6 knobs have been tested at 2000 newtons. An important precondition for your safety. This is very specific mounting material that is not easy to obtain.                                                                                        


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