Veterinary Solutions

Dynnox ensures greater mobility for veterinarians. A veterinarian often carries many supplies and must drive long distances, for example, into stables. An appropriate mobile van loading system for veterinarians makes the work on location faster and more efficient.

Dynnox for veterinarians

Dynnox offers a special mobile solution for veterinarians. With a convertible undercarriage and an installation module that the veterinarian can store all the necessary supplies in, the veterinarian can adequately perform his tasks on location.

A drawer system is integrated in the Dynnox installation module, specifically for all the instruments and other supplies that the veterinarian requires while working with the animals. The Dynnox is also equipped with a power supply, allowing the veterinarian to also use electrical equipment. It is even possible to install an X-ray device on the Dynnox!

Veterinarian visit with Dynnox

This way, the practitioner has a complete mobile work unit with him. The veterinarian is no longer required to lift heavy equipment or to walk to and from the car. Besides a professional appearance, the Dynnox offers noticeable efficiency improvement!

The veterinarian on location

The Dynnox transport system

Dynnox mobile van loading systems produce user-friendly transport systems for company vehicles. Our systems are efficient and simplify the work activities of the mechanic, who often works on location and needs to bring a substantial quantity of tools and materials to that location. This tool cart makes transport, loading and unloading easy. 

The Dynnox system consists of a frame on wheels with foldable legs. The structural modules are mounted onto this frame as desired, from tool boxes to machines. The frame weighs about 80 kg and is able to carry up to 250 kg of weight. The stretcher system of the frame makes Dynnox user-friendly during loading and unloading. 

Inside the company vehicle a detachable auto interface can be found. The interface guarantees the safe positioning of the undercarriage and the structured modules by means of automatic locking.

Dynnox attempts to build the most ideal installation modules for various applications, allowing for efficient operation on location. It is also possible to organize the installation modules entirely as you wish!

✅ complete mobile work unit

✅ drawer system for instruments

✅ possibility for water, power or air

✅ good price/quality ratio

More about Dynnox?

Would you like to have more information about the Dynnox transport system? Then contact one of our acknowledged dealers. We will gladly show you all the options of our mobile van loading system!

In addition, Dynnox is always looking to cooperate with new partners, so we can offer our customers even more options for a suitable company vehicle facility. Do you see any options? Let us know!

Dynnox is a unique loading, unloading and transport system for company vehicles. Different models and various structural modules make it possible to design a customized tool cart for every sector and any company car. The Dynnox transport system is safe, SHR-friendly and time-saving.

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