The Dynnox technique


Dynnox is a mobile loading, unloading and transport system for company vehicles and vans. Time-saving and SHR-friendly. No more lifting, no more endless walking back and forth to the company vehicle. Dynnox works quickly and efficiently!

Stretcher system for company vehicles

Dynnox is equipped with a moveable frame of which the legs automatically fold and unfold during loading and unloading. Comparable with the principle of an ambulance-stretcher. Different structural modules can be mounted onto the frame, like tool boxes or parts, a workbench, machines and equipment. Dynnox has a maximum bearing strength of no less than 250 kg.

Appropriate transport system for every sector and any van

The Dynnox transport system is available in different dimensions and can be used in all kinds of delivery trucks. By applying the right structural choice, the patented stretcher frame, in combination with a structural module, can be matched exactly to your work processes. This makes the system unique and suitable for any sector and any van.

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Van interiors

Using an auto interface, Dynnox guarantees the safety inside the vehicle. The auto interface ensures an optimal fixation of the tool cart. The auto interface can be mounted to the floor but can also be kept demountable. This way a Dynnox can be used project-based and/or in different company vans. Using our transport system, the vans interior remains flexible!

Safe transport of your tool cart

The automatic locking of the frame ensures safe transport of the tool cart inside the vehicle. The Dynnox makes loading and unloading an extremely simple and light action. Taking the frame from the vehicle and transporting your material to a (usually indoor) work location is very easy and even in case of heavy goods, it can be performed by a single person. This way Dynnox contributes to substantial time-saving and an SHR-friendly and safe work method.

✅ completely mobile work unit

✅ SHR-friendly

✅ safe

✅ good price/quality ratio

✅ for every sector

✅ in any company vehicle

More about Dynnox?

Would you like to have more information about the Dynnox transport system? Then contact one of our acknowledged dealers. We will gladly show you all the options of our mobile van loading system!

In addition, Dynnox is always looking to cooperate with new partners, so we can offer our customers even more options for a suitable company vehicle facility. Do you see any options? Let us know!

Dynnox is a unique loading, unloading and transport system for company vehicles. Different models and various structural modules make it possible to design a customized tool cart for every sector and any company car. The Dynnox transport system is safe, SHR-friendly and time-saving.

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In our manual you will find everything you need to know about measurements, spare parts, montage and Dynnox in use!