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Sortimo WorkMo is a light-weight transport and storage system with stackable modules. Portable and interchangeable! In combination with the Dynnox an entirely flexible and mobile transport system is created.

✅ mobile

✅ flexible design

✅ portable

✅ light

✅ good price/quality ratio

About Sortimo

Sortimo specializes in high-quality company van interiors across Europe. The versatile portfolio of products consists of furnishing systems for company vehicles and is industry-specific. The main target groups are companies active in retail, wholesale and industry. Read more about this partner.

Dynnox & Sortimo Workmo

The combination Dynnox and Sortimo WorkMo is ideal for the specialist who is not looking for a permanently installed company vehicle interior, but wants a flexible system, entirely customized and even arrangeable on a daily basis. 

The Sortimo WorkMo is structured with stackable modules in different dimensions. The specialist can build the exact right module that fits best with his sector and the work activities that he is presently carrying out! 

In combination with the mobile Dynnox transport system, an entire mobile system is created that allows working flexibly and on location. Without the need to lift anything, all tools and materials can be moved from the company vehicle to the work area: fast and efficient!

Dynnox and Sortimo Workmo in practice

Options of Sortimo WorkMo

Bolts and nuts, mechanical parts, mounting materials, auxiliaries: all conceivable materials can be neatly stored in a WorkMo tool cart.

In addition, the specialist has all the options to build the module to his wishes. The installation module consists of portable modules that are mutually combinable and can be interconnected by means of a useful connecting element. As the modules are not permanently installed and can thus be taken from the vehicle, this installation module is additionally convenient for those who want to make flexible use of their vehicle: as a mobile workplace, transport system for materials and tools, or as a work station.

The WorkMo is durable in use and light-weight, due to the combination of aluminum and plastic. A long lifespan, as well as expansion is possible at any time. The modules are fitted with rounded edges as a protection against impact. The work height is ergonomic and the system can be placed in any vehicle. 

The WorkMo is the ideal individually designed workplace for the specialist who likes to work in an organized manner!

Possible accessories

The Sortimo Workmo offers a broad range of options for your ideal installation module. Our dealers will be happy to inform you about the options. 

Want to know more about Dynnox and Sortimo Workmo?

Do you require more information about this combination? Contact us or one of our acknowledged dealers. We will be happy to show you all the options of our mobile van loading system!

Additionally, Dynnox is always looking for collaboration with new partners, to offer our clients even more mobile options for their company vehicle interior. Do you see any options? Let us know!

Dynnox is a unique loading, unloading and transport system for company vehicles. Different models and various structural modules make it possible to design a customized tool cart for every sector and any company car. The Dynnox transport system is safe, SHR-friendly and time-saving.

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