The Dynnox transport system would not be complete without an installation module. That is why Dynnox collaborates with different partners to provide clients a final product. 

Together with our partners we always create new installation modules, to make smart solutions available for each application!

beks 4 vets mobiele bedrijfswagen inrichting

Beks-for-Vets develops drawer systems for veterinarians. Simply roll your work unit into the stable! 

Brover is constantly working on the best van interior for their clients, standard or customized. Dynnox adds a mobile function.

Hapert trailers has made it possible to mount the mobile foldable Dynnox on a small trailer. This provides many options!

Modul-System makes interiors in company vehicles work smarter. The Dynnox mobile undercarriage seamlessly fits this purpose.

Sortimo WorkMo is structured with various stackable modules. This allows you to create a mobile and flexible system.