Hapert trailers

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Hapert trailers has made it possible to mount the mobile foldable Dynnox undercarriage on a small trailer. This provides many more new options!

✅ trailer

✅ allowing flexible use

✅ also for your company vehicle

✅ loading capacity 250 kg

✅ good price/quality ratio

About Hapert trailers

Hapert has been supplying robust, reliable and stable transport solutions for many years. Enclosed or open trailers, refrigerated vehicles, car transporters and flat-bed trailers: all models are available.

Hapert offers the possibility to expand any base model by means of modules with various options, to make you benefit optimally from the available practical functions. Read more about this partner.


Dynnox & Hapert trailers

In an age where most trailers are standardized, Hapert still offers customization. For instance, by means of modules you can put together the ideal trailer. The undercarriage of Dynnox matches perfectly with this idea!

Because of this useful solution from Hapert you do not need to deploy a company vehicle for the Dynnox, or you could use the Dynnox alternately in the trailer or company vehicle. Simple, fast and efficient!

Dynnox and Hapert in practice

The options of Dynnox and Hapert

Hapert trailers is able to mount a Dynnox into a new, small, enclosed trailer. That combination provides all kinds of options regarding mobility!

Mounting of the Dynnox auto-interface to the floor of the trailer is easy. Besides, the floor of a Hapert trailer can be arranged such that multiple Dynnox models can be transported. This makes the trailer very flexible.

 Possible accessories

Accessories make it even more possible to adjust the installation module of Hapert to your wishes. Our dealers will be happy to provide more information.

Want to know more about Dynnox and Hapert?

Do you require more information about this combination? Contact us or one of our acknowledged dealers. We will be happy to show you all the options of our mobile van loading system!

Additionally, Dynnox is always looking for collaboration with new partners, to offer our clients even more mobile options for their company vehicle interior. Do you see any options? Let us know!

Dynnox is a unique loading, unloading and transport system for company vehicles. Different models and various structural modules make it possible to design a customized tool cart for every sector and any company car. The Dynnox transport system is safe, SHR-friendly and time-saving.

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More info?

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In our manual you will find everything you need to know about measurements, spare parts, montage and Dynnox in use!